A World Politics Review subscription provides the following:

Uncompromising original analysis to help you better understand critical global trends:

  • DAILY: Every day we publish multiple five-minute reads, including our Briefings, Columns and Global Insider interviews. Our briefings are written by our global network of expert contributors, on matters of current importance. Our lineup of five columnists provide a different authoritative take on international affairs every day of the week.

  • IN DEPTH: WPR's in-depth, full-length Features and Special Reports provide comprehensive examinations of single subjects.

Tools to help you closely follow important issues and events:

  • NEWSLETTERS: We publish a variety of daily and weekly email newsletters that deliver news and analysis directly to the inbox. Our newsletters include a morning daily email, afternoon insights summarizing recent coverage of key issues, a Friday weekly newsletter, and weekly regional emails for six different regions. Non-subscriber can sign up here for our free newsletter.

  • NEWS WIRE: Our editors help you track the stories that you must follow to stay informed. The News Wire is published on the site and sent out by e-mail every weekday morning (U.S. Eastern time). Our editors aggregate news and opinion items from the world's English-language press each weekday. Watch this video tutorial for more on the News Wire.

Research and background information:

  • Access to our entire searchable archives is included in each subscription, and institutional subscribers also get access to the World Politics Review database on EBSCOhost.

  • WPR's News Wire is individually searchable, so subscribers can find reports on topics of interest from dozens of international news sources.

Read World Politics Review anywhere:

  • The website is tablet- and mobile-friendly, automatically adjusting for optimal reading on any device.

Questions? Contact subscriptions@worldpoliticsreview.com or type a question in the message box at the bottom right of this page.

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