Here are the editorial principles and approach that inform what we publish:

  • WPR is strictly nonpartisan with regard to political party affiliation or allegiance and has no animating political agenda.

  • However, WPR can be broadly described as liberal internationalist, combining a reality-based approach that recognizes the need for all the tools and instruments of statecraft with a preference for diplomacy and multilateralism in support of a rules- and norms-based global order.

  • We begin with respect for the social, economic and political realities of the countries we cover, separate from U.S. interests.

  • We try to provide granular analysis with enough depth for specialized readers, while putting things in context to remain relevant for observers of other issue areas and countries.

  • We pay close attention to the regional and multilateral implications of international affairs.

  • We are always hungry for new angles and approaches.

  • We try to contextualize important trends, but also cover topics that are deeper in the weeds for specific issue areas like education, immigration and drug policy.

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