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How to Manage WPR Browser Notifications
How to Manage WPR Browser Notifications

WPR uses browser notifications to alert our readers about content they may be interested in. Here's how to manage them.

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If you have arrived at this page, you have probably opted into World Politics Review's browser notifications at some point, when a message popped up in your browser asking if you would like to receive them.

We use browser notifications to send our readers, both subscribers and others, alerts about our content, as well as occasional subscription offers. We send one or two notifications per day, and about three times per week we share one of our articles for free through these notifications, so that non-subscribers can click through and read it without hitting our paywall.

Below are links to instructions for managing such notifications, including turning them off if you no longer wish to receive them. You'll need to know what kind of browser you are using to click on the appropriate link. If the browser you use is not listed, you can write to [email protected] and we can help you out. Or you can perform an internet search to find the instructions for any browser not listed here.

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